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Bought a Single Family home in Chatsworth, CA

"Buying a home can be complicated, stressful and unnerving! If you own a house, you probably already know that. My wife and I just bought our first home, and couldn’t believe how many forms, disclosures, notices, documents, contacts, and who-knows-what-else we had to sort through and sign. And that was all after we went through what is normally the long and tedious process of finding the right house and negotiating the right price. It could have been a nightmare, but it wasn’t. In fact, the whole process was actually more like a pleasant dream-come-true. That’s because we had a great agent. No, not a great agent – perhaps one of the best real estate agents in Southern California! Jim Mac and his team essentially embraced us and then guided us through each process in a very close and personal way. They took such good care of us that they made it seem like we were their only client, and that we were all that mattered. Need I say more? Unequivocally, I highly recommend Jim Mac as your real estate agent."

Bought a Single Family home in Woodland Hills, CA

"We recently worked with the Jim Mac group in purchasing a home where they represented the seller. Since Jim listed the house, he was primarily responsible for obligations to the seller. He was helpful when we spoke directly to him, but that was infrequently. He was instrumental in maintaining the progress of this deal though, as we found out later, since it was neither a typical deal nor a simple negotiation. We were tempted to walk away from the deal more than once, and I was told the seller felt the same way. Jim held the deal together though. Our most enjoyable part of the Jim Mac team was Stuart, whom we met the first time we went to go see the house. He was great, always keeping in good contact and keeping us up to date with everything we needed to do and the status of the deal. Stuart was the best, and our experience with the Jim Mac group was very positive in large part to the way he handled his business, and us as his clients."

Dayna B.

Bought a Single Family home in Sherman Oaks, CA

"We worked The Jim Mac Group to purchase our first home in 2002. As first time home buyers, we needed an agent that had the expertise, patience, and enthusiasm to really guide us through the whole process. Jim took the time to show us more houses than I can count - and educated us along the way in all areas - neighborhoods, valuation, financing, you name it. Jim put us in good hands with a fantastic lender, and checked in with us regularly to make sure the transaction was going smoothly. We felt very taken care of, and he has remained in touch with us since, always ready to answer a question or lend a hand.

We highly recommend Jim and The Jim Mac Group!"

Amy B.

Bought and sold a Single Family home in Chatsworth, CA

"I have used Jim Mac over the last 35 years, his knowledge of this business has come in handy over the years, through all of the highs and lows of the market place Jim always been a great resource to make my buying and selling of homes work out in my favor, his years of experience will benefit anyone wanting to buy or sell real estate."

Bought a Single Family home in Northridge, CA

"I just can't say enough about how amazing it has been to work with Jim Mac and his team, especially Stuart Brawley. When we first began our journey to buy our first home and we flip-flopped about what type of home we wanted to buy, they were very open-minded and accommodating, showing us just about any home that we thought we wanted to see and even the homes that I found on my own. Stuart not only tolerated my constant texts and phone calls at all hours, but welcomed them and responded to them right away. When we decided to make offers on homes Jim was available to explain to us in detail what was involved in making an offer and walked us through all the documents that we would sign in order to make that offer. He also explained the ups and downs of financing a home in plain terms so we could make an informed decision. Importantly, Jim has working relationships with many partners in the home buying realm, including our lender which was really helpful when the process of buying the house we eventually bought, got complicated after we locked in our loan. Jim and our lender were able to work in concert to make sure that we were able to close on time and Jim and Stuart were sure to stay on top of the sellers agent to make sure documents were completed on time as well. Jim, Kathy and Stuart were all so extremely skilled and knowledgable about real estate laws and practices here in the Valley. They were absolutely on top of EVERYTHING when the sellers agent dragged his feet or attempted to skirt the law. I suspect other agents might have encouraged us to let go of this home and seek another one, rather than deal with the difficulty this team has dealt with in this sale, but instead they worked just that much harder for us. I can honestly say that I can't imagine that I could find a harder working and more competent team that I found with Jim Mac at Remax Olsen. In fact, I can also say now that the sale is complete, I'm going to miss them - they are such a great group of people! Thank you Jim, Stuart, Kathy and Jose for turning this wild ride into a positive home buying experience."

Bought a Single Family home in North Hills, CA

"Well, it has been 5 years, but I am still happy in the home I purchased through Jim! I was a first time buyer and was buying at a time when the housing market was depressed with few houses and lots of buyers. A very difficult market with a first time FHA buyer but Jim got me through the process, start to finish. I had no idea what I could really afford, how to go ahout getting a loan, etc. He was both patient, informative, and successfully got me into the house i wanted. I will retire in a few years and will move out of state...I plan to call Jim when it's time to see my home here, because I trust him."

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